Monday, May 11, 2009

You know what?

I'm not allowed to change the date of my various posts. 

I was hoping that I could make this post from September 67, 9208, but no such luck. It automatically switches it back to the real date once I post it. How depressingly realistic.

On another note*, I recently conducted an experiment on my iPod. I went to the settings, and changed the date and time so that the iPod thought that it was 11:59 on December 31st of the year 2099, which was the highest my iPod could go. (I guess Steve Jobs has high hopes, since he seems to think that it'll still be around in a hundred years.) After a minute passed, the iPod reverted back to the year 2000. 

This means that, ninety years and seven months into the future, my iPod will not be able to tell me what year it is. By then, I'll be 107 years old, and most likely be at the point in my life where it would be handy to have something that tells me what year it is. 

I'll jsut have to track down the 144-year-old Steve Jobs (in his cryogenically-sealed chamber next to Walt Disney's forzen head) He just better give me a refund. Or maybe I'll settle for a trade-in. I bet by then, iPods will plug directly into the brain pan, and can give people the ability to fly.

*technically, the same note, but I bet no one pays any attention to these footnotes.**

**hey, a footnote. I guess that would be a different note...

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