Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Home Alone III

I fixed one of the can openers!

My first step was to try to find a wrench, since I realized that the bolt holding on the blade of the can opener was loose. Unfortunately, I don't know where any of the tools in our house are, and all my family members were AWOL with their cellphones turned off. After a fruitless search, I realized that I could use the other can opener as a makeshift wrench, since it had two metal handles that could be clamped together. I unscrewed the first can opener with the second, and noticed that I needed a new, thicker washer. I had as much luck finding the washers as I had with the wrenches, so I bent a paper clip into a circle and bolted it in. And now it works! Time for some sherbet to celebrate.

We'll see if this series of Home Alone posts continues. They did get a fourth movie out of the series...

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