Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cop Rock

In 1990, ABC aired a new TV show: Cop Rock. It was part police drama and part musical. Yes, musical. Sadly, has been deemed the 8th worst TV show ever, and was canceled after 11 episodes. I think it would have worked better as a police comedy musical. Maybe it would have been higher up the list of bad TV shows.

At any rate, the musical numbers that remain are pretty entertaining.

Here's a song set in the court room, complete with a singing jury.

My favorite is this song that the Sarge uses to tell his men to be careful. It's easily the most ridiculous.

And, as if a musical cop show wasn't weird enough, they decided to have a dream sequence as well.

In the last episode, they finished with a song that broke the fourth wall, with characters chatting about how the show was ending before being joined by the various producers and stage hands for a final number. Also, a random fat lady is lowered down from the ceiling.

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