Monday, May 3, 2010

A trait

I adopt an interesting trait whenever I'm overly tired: I confuse the words I type.

It's not quite the same thing as when I mix up the letters, which I have talked about before. This is when I type an entire word incorrectly. I was pretty tired last Saturday, since I hadn't been getting much sleep that week, and I had missed my normal Saturday morning recuperation by getting up at 7-something that morning to volunteer at a plant sale. Due to this, I made several mistakes, like typing 'is' instead of 'so', or 'we' instead of 'you'. When I don't think carefully enough, different words slip out of my fingers. Once I even typed a synonym of the actual word I was thinking of.

I also have just now noticed another mistake I made on Saturday. I said "One of Larry's recent ones, it's the best." in the last post, when I meant to say, "Out of Larry's recent ones, it's the best." They're both three letter words that start with O, and the sentence still almost worked, so I didn't notice it until today, after a night of sleep.

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