Sunday, December 20, 2009


Tonight, I felt a little sick, and so drove home from church before the evening service. I discovered once I got back home that I did not have my key to the house with me.

Now, on one occasion in the past, when the rest of my family locked me out of the house, I have managed to  brake into it. (... Yeah, that's right, I drove right towards it, and then put on the brakes as I smashed into the side of the house. >< Darn spelling mistakes... Anyway...) The most successful method is to climb from our second-story porch onto the roof, and walk along it to the third-story window, which is usually unlocked. Sadly, that window was not unlocked today.

So I ended up on the roof in the dark, having just come to the realization that I was trapped outside the house for the next two hours. Also, it was raining. And I was in my good Sunday clothes, which aren't the best for climbing up roofs in. And I mentioned I was sick, right? And... on the roof?

I managed to climb down, which coincidentally is a bit tougher than climbing up, and I had to sit in my car until my family got back. On the bright side, it was kinda spooky to sit in the car at night, so I had fun. And I read a lot of The Grapes of Wrath. But it did get increasingly colder in the car, and I don't have a whole lot of body fat to protect me in the first place. I appreciate being warm much better right. And I'm feeling less sick. Maybe I killed my virus.


  1. ...and then, when my mom was taking my temperature, I broke the thermometer and got mercury on the carpet. :P

  2. Mercury is actually kind of fun to play with. :guilty: When it forms the little silver balls, you know?