Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Me Online #3

#THREE: goulash

Last year I was bored so I tricked a music website into thinking that I was a band.


I basically became an artist on the website by finding the one sub-sub-sub genre that requires the least talent and hard work ("lo-fi indy alternative anti-folk music", in case anyone's wondering) and then (badly) recorded myself saying very weird poems in a sing-song manner.

Now the website thinks I'm a professional artist. ... yeah. I also fooled PureVolume.com, a slightly more prestigious music site, with the help of my account on mp3.com, and gained an account there. Last.fm is a little harder, so I haven't bothered to get onto it.

This is the last in this series of posts, so if you guys were getting bored with hearing of my exploits, fear not. You're safe, or at least until I do something else significant on the internet.

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