Thursday, February 25, 2010


As you may have noticed, sometimes when people are typing quickly, they will mess up words. Often, the person is trying to get two letters out, and will hit one key beofre the other key, rather then the other way around. I have left the word "before" in the last sentence as an example of this.

Now, some of the time, the word that results from this mistake is actually more interesting looking or more entertaining than the original. I recently typed "Snet" instead of "Sent". I think we can all admit that snet is a much spicier word. I also like the word "stpuid" instead of "stupid". It has an iorny to it.

I'm naming this type of messed-up word "wrods", and I'm also planning to use wrods whenever I can get away with it. But only if they're funny-looking.

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