Monday, November 16, 2009

Eyebrow Wiggling

I wiggle my eyebrows a lot. In fact, I often move them constantly and involuntarily. Don't believe me? Just stare at my face the next time you see me. Actually, don't. That would be creepy.

Anyway... just last month, I got in trouble with my senior picture photographer. Every time he tried to take a picture, I would move my eyebrows by accident. After he told me to stop, I tried. I really did. However, I kept wiggling them another ten or twelve times. Sometimes it was the left one, or the right, or both together. For me, wiggling eyebrows is almost as bad a habit as cracking knuckles or snapping gum, just a little less obvious. Luckily for me, family photographers, like my senior picture guy, have good tempers, and we managed to get a set of decent shots eventually.

The moral of the story: Let your left eyebrow know what your right eyebrow is doing. And don't give them lives of their own.

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