Saturday, November 14, 2009

Me Online #2

#TWO: The FuMP

My friend Evan, who the majority of my esteemed readers may already be familiar with, happens to be pretty awesome at music. And music... stuff. As you might have noticed from my use of the word "stuff", I'm not that highly educated in that particular field. But I am pretty good at making jokes, writing stories, and such creative endeavors.

Together, Evan and I made a song, with my part being composing the lyrics, and his part being writing the music, recording it, and editing it. I sent it in to a website, the FuMP (Funny Music Project), where it was published.

It didn't get any comments. I was kinda hoping for some, even if they were just complaining about it. I think that we can do even better then that song, which ended up being more of a satirical punk rock song than a funny one. I've written several more songs, and I'm waiting on Evan to make them, but he has a lot of schoolwork to worry about at the moment, so we're biding our time.


  1. Did that link work? I don't see it anywhere... argg darn link!

    I shall post it once more, for posterity:

  2. You've been tagged! I award you the Favorite Blog Award. See It's Raining to collect your prize! *void where prohibited

  3. And I shall keep posting annoying comments until you respond to the award. Ha!