Saturday, November 28, 2009

Regarding Tags

I don't really like tags. I think it's because I don't like filling out something that I didn't come up with myself. Which I suppose is pretty snobby of me.

However, unlike similar things such as fan fiction or Facebook quizzes, I feel compelled to do tags because the friends who tagged me want me to. That just barely trumps my dislike for tags, so I'll do them. I'll probably have more fun with them than I think anyway.

So I'll respond to my tags soon. It's a top priority. Well, a priority, anyway. I'll definitely do it. Sometime. Sometime soon. ...ish. Soonish. Probably. I'll probably do it. There's a good chance. ...maybe. Maybe there's a good chance I'll probably do it sometime soon. Ish.


  1. In my opinion, you may be on to something that probably in all actuality might be correct. But that's only if my opinion is true, which it probably isn't.

  2. Don't worry. People don't really want you to do a tag unless they specifically say so.

    =D =D =D

  3. Yes. But people keep asking me to.