Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Jolly Good Musical

A Jolly Good Musical is the actual working title of a musical that I may be writing. I might only write the songs for it, since those are the fun parts, but I'm also considering writing the whole thing and using it as a way to try to be as clever and funny in as many different ways as I possibly can.

I got the idea way back during the final round of a debate tournament several months ago. I was a little bored and decided to write out an idea that had been kicking feverishly around in my head for a while, turning it into a song. It fit best as a musical number, so I added a little introduction naming all the characters. I also decided that one of them was after a pocket watch that belonged to another of them. By the time I was done, I had a chunk of story that felt as if it were part of a screwball musical comedy. Now, this was all well and good, but unfortunately, my mind kept working on it, and ended up figuring out the rest of the plot to go with it.

Here's a synopsis that I've written of it.  Although it's subject to change, it should give a pretty good idea of what the story's like. Except it'll be funnier.

    Simon Pivett, a city boy with large, though decidedly materialistic, dreams, is in search of the Earnheart fortune, a treasure said to have been hidden somewhere in the town of Hufflebump by Old Captain Earnheart the pirate. After finding a clue that the secret to its location might lie with the captain's old pocket watch, Simon must attempt to get his hands on it, handicapped by a rival gang of thieves, a vengeful government agent, a cranky housekeeper, an annoyingly spunky love interest, and an insane old man whose mutterings concerning the eminent End of the World might be foreshadowing something a bit more disturbing than anyone could imagine.

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  1. Sounds very promising. Very entertaining.

    I envy your ability to map out whole plots. That's fantastic.