Wednesday, January 13, 2010


is the word that I have coined to refer to people who are proud of the fact that they are weird. I often find such people annoying, as they usually aren't very weird. They are also usually tweenage girls.


  1. Are Sophe and I some of those annoying tweenage girls?

    Sophe says you should go boil your head.

    When was the last time you sang love songs to the pizza boy? What about snort at your sister while you brush your teeth?

    I think you have to concede that I actually am somewhat abnormal.

    Go rot in your normal-ness.

    Unless, of course, you are referring to different tweenage girls. Are you talking about the ones who think it is weird to quote movie lines at three in the morning? And they say, "omyword, we are soooo weird." And you look at them and think, "All teenage girls quote movie lines at 3am. That's not even abnormal."

    If so, I understand.

  2. In order: Not very often, I don't recall ever having serenaded him, No but rest assured that I have done stranger things at her while brushing my teeth, and yes, I am referring to that type of girl. Aren't they so annoying? There are male versions, too, who are almost worse, since they have egos to go along with it...

    But I don't like people who brag about how weird they are, even if they are actually weird. It's a little rude. They should at least be subtle about it, like maybe sarcastically saying that they're very normal people.

    And yes, I am perfectly normal.

    Do tell young miss Sophie I decline to boil my head.