Monday, March 29, 2010

Clue: an addendum

I just remembered an amusing anecdote related to the poem from my last post. 

When I originally showed it to Evan, he wasn't very gung-ho about it. In fact, being the straight-forward guy that he is, he was clear to tell me that it was pretty lame. I was surprised and disappointed at this, since, like I said, it's my personal favorite of the poems I've written. However, after I questioned him for a while, I discovered why he didn't like it: he didn't realize that it was based off of the game Clue. Apparently, he's never played it or even heard of it. 

I was very (0.o) about this turn of events, as I'm pretty sure that Clue is one of the most famous board games ever. It's at least in the top ten, below Monopoly but above Scrabble. I guess Chess and Checkers are probably at the top... but I digress. After I explained to Evan what Clue was, he grudgingly admitted that my poem was a bit funnier in context. Still, I suspect that his lack of enthusiasm has greatly slowed the process of transition from poem to song. Hopefully, I can twist his arm a bit when summer comes along, and he doesn't have as much work.


  1. I didn't get it until a few months after you showed me - I played Clue for the first time on Christmas. But it was still funny out of context.

  2. Haha! You too?

    So did you think it was strange that the Monopoly guy showed up at the end?

  3. O.o Problematic... Evan... you poor deprived peoples...
    Clue has been my favorite since I figured out how to always win, back when I was 10.