Sunday, March 28, 2010

Get a Clue


It's a dark and stormy night
At the home of Mr Boddy
He has six guests and
one of them was naughty

With a scuffle in the dark
And a murder most iconic
Mr Boddy's surname has 
Proven quite ironic

It's a terrible mystery
The burden falls on you
To solve the crime of history
You need to get a clue

As investigators go you
Are not as smart as most
When it comes to forensics
You are dumber than a post

Cuz you can't tell by looking
Which weapon did him in
Was it a gunshot or a stabbing
Or those rope burns on his chin?

The time has come for questioning
In vain they filibustered
You march them all into the Hall
And start with Colonel Mustard

You question him with relish
But his intellect is slow
You try to make him catch up
But he's Mustard as you know

You move on to Mrs Peacock
And it's clear she's feeling blue
But she's a proud old bird
And does not provide a clue

Next up is Miss Scarlett 
clad in the color she loves
Red-handed but that's a herring
She's only wearing her gloves

Mrs White is white with fright
And so is Mr Green
In contrast with Professor Plum
Who seems so peachy-keen

You find a secret passage
As the night draws on
But the crime is yet unsolved
And now it's nearing dawn

You riffle through the study
And then you find a paper
You finally have the clue you need
To solve this dreadful caper

None of the guests are guilty
The culprit has another face
It turns out Mr Boddy 
owned Boardwalk and Park Place

The culprit wears a top hat
And seeks monopoly
And though you send him straight to jail
he just might get out free

This is one of my favorites out of all the poems I've written. I'm hoping that I can get Evan to make a song out of it. 


  1. Hahaha... I like it.
    Always knew that top-hat guy was shady.

  2. That's awesome.

    (And I was practically singing it in my head already, so I'm sure it'd make a good song.)