Thursday, April 22, 2010

Island Man

Here's another of my songs. I wrote it last Labor Day weekend, along with Clue and a couple others. It's my second favorite, after Clue. 

For maximum impact, it should be sung with a strong Jamaican accent.

Island Man

I'm on an island
with some tropical heat
but my island's in
the middle of the street

My island's not
quite up to the hype
it's your more non-
traditional type

The ocean has been 
replaced with land
just a lotta asphalt
and a handful of sand

It's still an island
an island to me
it's just a traffic
island, you see

I'm on an island
but I can't get free
All the cars are
trapping me

They're on all sides
They go by so fast
I can't find a
way to get past

I'm on an island
and it's really great
except for all the
times I hallucinate

Gotta lotta visions
They're all caused
By too many fumes
of exhaust

I'm on an island
and it's hard to see
All the smog
can't be healthy

I'm on an island
got a cooking fire
 made it out of 
one old tire

I'm on an island
There's not much to do
to kill some time
I can make a stew

Using roadkill and
other stuff I find
maybe I'll throw in
that pumpkin rind

I'm on an island
and the only fish I see
are at the Skipper's 
restaurant next to me

I'm on an island
here I make my bed
on the curb 
that's painted red

I'm on an island
But it's hard to sleep
All the trucker's horns
are so darn deep

I'm here all day
I gotta lot of time
If you pass by
could you spare a dime?

1 comment:

  1. Healthy does NOT rhyme with see. /pet peeve about rhyming mistakes. Otherwise it's great! I love the comparison of desert and traffic islands, "all the cars are trapping me" and the Skipper's verse. And the ending is perfect.