Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jeeves and Wooster

 I might have mentioned before that I'm pretty fond of the old TV show Jeeves and Wooster. The British humor is phenomenal, and the slapstick compliments it well. Also, I've been compared to Wooster before, both due to manner and looks.

So I have three youtube videos to show you, none of which tell you much about Jeeves and Wooster, but all of which are related to them in some strange way.

First, here's a metal version of the theme song.

Second, here's a video comparing them to Kirk and Spock of Star Trek. It also has the original theme song, in case you wanted to hear what it sounded like without the metal.

Third, I have a music video set to an abridged version of Professor Higgins' "Hymn to Him" from My Fair Lady. Yup, the same one you like, Brenna. The video's one of the well put together types, and is therefore the best version of that song on youtube, in my opinion.

1 comment:

  1. There's a short clip in there that was a shocking reminder of you in a straightjacket.

    Also, the similarity is a little scary. You should do impersonations. $$$