Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to Do the Worm

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The worm is an excellent dance for various occasions. It's great for showing off when people are dancing. Its great for looking like an idiot (in a respectable way). Use the worm at your discretion.


  1. Learn that the worm is really just a two step process combining two motions
  2. Put your arms on the floor like you're ready to do a push up. Find a comfortable stance for pushing yourself off the floor really quickly.
  3. Understand that while on the ground, you should lie on your stomach, hands in a push up stance. Now kick your legs up and right before your legs would come to the ground do that push up. This will send that wave-like motion through your body. Get the rhythm down and practice getting more of your body off the ground with the kick. Once you've done this comes the next stage of your worm development.
  4. Take your arms and hold them up like you're making a field goal. Now get on the floor on your belly and do that. So you're lying down on your belly with your elbows bent, arms in front of you so your hands should be at about your shoulders.
  5. Lift up your upper torso. You're using your lower back for this. At this point you're on your stomach on the floor with your chest and head slightly off the ground. Now, from this position you repeat steps 2 and 3 and wow! Your a worm!


  • Consider doing all the above while being inside a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag will hide your human features, and you will look more like a worm.
  • Remember that this is not an easy move. It requires lots of practice.


Do not do the worm:
  • Immediately after eating
  • In boxers (Men only)
  • If Pregnant
  • If you have heart or lung condition

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