Friday, October 23, 2009

Open to Public

My blog is now open to all comers, rather then being a secret all to myself.

Although a secret blog was quite a bit of fun, I've realized that quite a few of the posts on here would be better if I had feed-back on them, and one of them, the one announcing my self-published book, is entirely useless if it's not being read by my friends. Since people tend to only comment on the most recent few posts, I'm losing potential comments.

This brings me to another point: you should all comment more.

Yes, I hear what you're saying; I see you there in the glow of your computer screen, rolling your eyes. You're muttering to yourself, "You moron, nobody has posted at all because they didn't know about it." Well, stop sounding so skeptical. And don't call me a moron, that's just rude.

I do know that you haven't been able to post, but I'm guessing that few of you will post even after starting to read my blog. But I want lots of posts. This presents a bit of a dilemma. The solution is for all of you to post a bunch of posts. Go right now, read through the twenty-five or so posts in the archive, and comment on at least ten.

Go. I'll still be waiting here.




  1. Can't I call you one anyway?

  2. I feel privileged! *starts humming the happy hamster song*

  3. A hamster song? Can't you just insult me?

  4. *pout* Spoilsport. I'm recovering from swine flu, let me sing in peace. :(