Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Real Problem With The Internet

I'm here today to talk to you about The Real Problem With The Internet.

It has to do with the phrase ".com", used to signify the domain of a web address. And the problem begins when ending a sentence with this phrase. You see, all sentences end with a period, saving those rare funky ones that end in an "!" or a "?". So, the Real Problem is this: All sentences look weird when ended with the webaddress.com.


".com." has two dots in it. This, to my highly trained eye, looks lame. It looks confusing. It looks unprofessional.

I noticed this when typing the first sentence of my latest post about my book, Quarter Moon. I ended up solving this by adding a slightly ungrammatical bit so that I didn't have to end it with a period, but segued into the web address instead.

But still.

It'll bring about the end of the internet, the universe, and everything through it's power to obfuscate and destroy brains, you wait and see.

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