Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All the ax-murderers work at candy shops

All the ax-murderers work at candy shops
Slicing licorice with machetes
Roiling gumdrops in vats
Pulling taffy cautiously
Wax lips are cherry-red
Smiling for you
Eyes flick over rows of cotton candy
Never stopping, working behind the counter
And giving you a lumpy paper bag
With a surprise inside

I wrote that poem late at night, after having the titular phrase kicking around my head for a while. I like it cause it has a stylized feel to it, since it combines two concepts which are both very stylized: the card-carrying, bloody-blade-swinging, psychopathic ax-murderer, and the colorful, innocent, infectiously sugary candy shop. I suppose it's more evidence of my taste for the creepy and the whimsical. You guys have been getting a lot of that lately... I hope you don't all think I'm disturbing now.


  1. "Smiling... smiling for you"

    I got this scary mind picture of you and your voice saying this chillingly.
    It's fittingly creepy. ::thumbs up::

  2. It's subtle creepy, which is nice. Not quite horror movie, but certainly disturbing and possible nightmare fuel.