Thursday, February 11, 2010

But Not This One

Often, I think that my post titles promise more entertainment to the reader than the actual blog post contains.

 I mean, my last one was "Sherlock through the Looking Glass", for crying out loud. And then the post just had a little paragraph from Wikipedia, of all places.

However, this particular post won't be like that. This time, the title doesn't even make sense until you read the entire post, and, by the time you finish it, you probably won't be able to tell which is more clever.


  1. ::looks around suspiciously::
    I seem to remember doing a post about titles too, not too long ago.

  2. Hey, yeah, you did. Lemme go look that up... Ok, yours was different. Both our titles for our posts on titles were similar, though, so I must have been reminded about my post from yours. Darn you. I had this concept in my head since last November, I swear.